We are RadioEditAV, a committed collective of directors, cinematographers, live visual artists, designers, animators, VJs, DJs, and producers. We specialize in audio visual solutions in the music entertainment industry, but we’re willing and capable to tackle any size and scope of creative project for a wide variety of media. Our interests range from indie-filmmaking and projection mapping, to 3D animation and creative-coding, and we’re always working on new projects to push forward the state of the art in creative work. We restlessly pursue the new and innovative in the agile and focused way that only a boutique creative studio can.

You may have caught some of our work in the last few years at cool events like Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric Zoo, EDC, Ultra Music Festival as well as many other festivals and tours. You may have held some of our animation in your hand the last time you shopped for a smartphone. Or you may have been one of the millions of views our videos have garnered on YouTube. However you came to find us, we appreciate all of the opportunities, big or small, for artists or brands, and will always bring our unique creative vision, diverse capabilities, and tremendous passion for creation to whatever project comes next.

We’re based in Chicago, but we’re always on the move creating new videos, events, and other works so make sure to come back often for updates and sneak previews of what’s to come.