Film & Editing

We’re a full-service production house with a history of unique vision. From super slow-motion to computer-controlled hyperlapse we can make unique broadcast-ready video on any budget.

Location-based and studio video production

Motion Control Timelapse

Nothing gives a sense of place like timelapse photography. Our motion control camera system allows for precise control of camera position and settings, allowing us to integrate movement into the shots with breathtaking results.

RED Digital Cinema

We’re up to date on the highest quality video capture technology and pipeline best practices. Our streamlined and efficient production style allows for remarkably short turn-around times with exceptional quality.

Custom Created Effects

We maintain a library of proprietary digital and analog effects for the distinct looks that modern video production requires. Our constant experimentation in film and digital methods guarantees a unique look and feel to any project.

3D Animation

Making cubes and characters dance in three-dimensions is just the beginning. Our abilities extend into adding 3D into real-world footage and even into creating interactive worlds online.

Abstract and realistic modeling, animation, and compositing

3D for Web

Leveraging the three.js framework, we’re on the leading technological edge bringing three-dimensional geometry into the web browser. This nascent field is only going to grow as the web becomes ever more immersive.

Title Sequences

Prestige projects need dynamic title sequences to go with them. Whether it’s a glitched out abstract 3D animation or titles hanging in space in real-world footage, we aim for impact in getting the client’s name out there.


Using studio-quality compositing tools to bring the abstract and deceivingly-realistic from the 3D realm into the real world. From digital insertion to video-retouching, whatever your post-production workflow needs, we can handle it.

Live Visuals

We’re there at the event making sure the visuals match the crowd’s energy and the system functions at its peak performance. Our on-site proficiency is unrivaled.

Unique, dynamic, reactive visuals for any live application

VJ Services

Years of experience VJing festivals and headliner sets in front of tens-of-thousands of people mean we’ve seen and done it all. Veteran status not only means we know how to play an engaging set, but also that we now how to manage all the curves that live production can throw at you.

Projection Mapping

Using a single projector to create perfectly mapped geometry allows us to create an illusion of three-dimensions where there are none, or to highlight a natural geometry.

Custom Content

Our content has toured the world in front of millions of fans for some of the biggest bands and artists out there. We work closely with the client to craft visuals directly to their sensibility and edited down to one-sixtieth of a second precision matching their music.


From stadium-size stages at festivals around the country to one-off art pieces, our stages and installations capture viewers. Integrative systems for audio and video are our specialty.

Display design for performance and installation art

LED Mapping

For large scale video and edge use-cases with lots of ambient light there’s no beating LED product to make an impact. We map our LED systems down to individual fixtures using scalable solutions and industry leading processes so we can control every single light.

Video System Design

No matter what the end output format may be, we can design a robust and proportional system to ensure video performance. Years of on-site operational experience have led us to an unmatched procedural understanding of a system’s needs and requirements.

CAD Construction


From the napkin-sketch all the way to physical installation we use a bevy of computer design tools; 3D construction visualizations, CNC routing machines, 3D printing, among others.

Creative Code

It’s careful work to get all the pieces of a system working together. We’re always developing our aptitude with the underlying code for components and programs.

Making the world of code came to life visually

Audio Video Sync


Since even before we started the company, we’ve been using sophisticated systems to sync video, lighting, and audio sources together in interesting ways. Our solutions allow real-time manipulation of audio and video with the accurate response needed in interactive performance.

Generative Visuals


We use leading-edge software and coding languages to create animation which is programmed to react and evolve according to user and audio inputs.

User Interface


Once the backend-systems are working, the user needs to be able to make changes and affect the system. Our strong background in graphic design and layout creates beautiful and functional user experience. This website is a great example of responsive interface design designed in-house at RadioEditAV.