Pretty Lights – “Dionysis Break”

In honor of an unprecedented Pretty Lights performance featuring The Analog Future Band with members of the Colorado Symphony, we pulled out all the stops on this production. Beyond the filming and editing the video, we also rolled out a unique stage design with a new approach to the live-visuals. The results were breathtaking.

Red Rocks 2014 with live band & members of the Colorado Symphony.

For the fifth consecutive headlining appearance of Pretty Lights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Derek decided to do something special. Touring for his Grammy Award Nominated album A Color Map Of The Sun, Pretty Lights expanded into a full live band, dubbed the Analog Future Band. But for the hometown fans of Denver, Colorado something extra special was in order: bolstering the band with members of the Colorado Symphony for even fuller arrangements. Adding to the uniqueness of the event, Pretty Lights debuted several new songs that had been written during tour, including “Dionysis Break” featured in this video.

And since the music was going to be especially remarkable, RadioEditAV had to make sure that the visuals were on point. We developed a wholly new approach to addressing the LED video panels, allowing for unprecedented control of the video playback system. Each individual panel was able to be controlled in real-time to create effects and control the mood of the video to match the live performance. To further integrate the live-video into the performance, several cameras were placed amongst the instruments on stage and live camera feeds were allowed to roam the stage. Everything was run through a unique server configuration to allow for hands-on live control of every aspect of the visuals and to give it the Pretty Lights feel that the show has become know for.

The film production went further than ever before as well. We incorporated drone footage into our usual bag of tricks; from time-lapse, high-framerate, motion-controlled filming to the high energy in-the-crowd footage so that you can see the action from never before seen angles. We’re super proud of this project all the way around, hope you enjoy it.

Additional Filming by:
Cinesthetics & vitaeSessions