Pretty Lights at Red Rocks 2014


Custom animation content for the LEDsPretty Light’s annual two-night run at Red Rocks has gotten more and more elaborate over the years, and this year was no exception. There was a feeling of achievement amongst the entire crew this year; sound, lights, and video all outdid themselves.

Every element of the show took a bold step forward this year, musically and visually. Recap coming soon.

For our part, we pushed the limits of what you could do with a live video crew inputing into a uniquely programmed video show. Months of work on systems and content combined into a truly special show for us.

Keep an eye out for the recap video, coming soon.

The lasers were BONKERS.

The lasers were BONKERS.


The classic PL cityscape with the CSO playing in the middle

How it looked if you were up pretty close

How it the crowd saw it